Summer School
Santa Maria-RS, Brazil
from 21.08 to 01.09.2023.

The Universidade Federal de Santa Maria invites you
to its first Brazilian-German summer school in cooperation
with the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences
Gelsenkirchen and funded by the DAAD.


Courses We Offer

We welcome Master's, Bachelor's students and professionals who are enthusiastic about exploring topics in Computer Science, Medical Engineering, Biotechnology, and Technical Chemistry to join our Summer School

Software Design

Software Design is the activity following Software Requirements Analysis and the activity before Programming. But Requirements Analysis is well understood as well as Programming, most of all problems we are facing are related to poor design of the software.

In this course we will look at topics that will help us to create better design of software: Design Patterns, Design Principles, Software Architecture, Anti-Patterns, and Design Methodologies.

In an enquiry-based project a group of students will work on its own on a specific subject, starting with literature search, review and ending with the preparation of a poster or presentation.

Lessons : Monday until Friday from 10.30 until 12.00

Projects: Monday until Friday from 14.00 until 15.30.

Medical Physics & Engineering

Physics in a medical context are often related to the imaging and therapy. Physics occur in x-ray fluoroscopy, ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, positron emission tomography, photon or proton-based radiation therapy, and others. Engineering physics for medical applications to serve patients means the development of hardware, software communication etc..

The lectures will focus on x-ray computed and magnetic resonance tomography bridging physics and engineering as well as imaging and therapy. In an enquiry-based project a group of students will work on its own on a specific subject, starting with literature search, review and ending with the preparation of a poster or presentation.

Modern Applied Biotechnology

These course will cover the following topics :

1. Molecular biotechnology revolution
2. Biological systems
3. Fermentations
4. Bioengineering
5. Production of amino acids
6. Production of antibiotics
7. Production of biopolymers
8. Production of bioethanol
9. Production of organic acids
10. Production of polysaccharides
11. Environmental biotechnology
12. Biodegradation

Lessons : Monday until Friday from 10.30 until 12.00

Projects : Monday until Friday from 14.00 until 15.30.

German language

In Germany, there are many courses offered in English, but in order to live in Germany, it is ideal to speak the German language. In this workshop, students will experience the language for the first time and realize that it is not so difficult to learn for those who speak Portuguese and English.

The workshop will take place from Monday to Wednesday from 3:45 pm to 6 pm.

Presentations We Offer

Presentations of the following topics for all interested students and researchers :

Studying in Germany

An overview of the possibilities of studying in Germany in the areas of Informatics/Computer Science, Physical and Medical Engineering, Biotechnology and Chemistry.

Scholarships For Students and Researchers

Possibility of scholarships from the German funding organization DAAD and the Brazilian Foundation CAPES.

Studying and Research at the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences (WHS)

The WHS will be presented, its courses and some of the research.

About the Summer School

The program of the Summer School will be complemented by special lectures about Germany and the ways to study there and by an Introductory German course.

Download the detailed program on the following website :


  • Enrollment as Professional, Master or Bachelor student at the Universidad Federal de Santa Maria or any other university of the grupo Montevideo or at any other local university close to Santa Maria in Rio Grande do Sul.

  • Good level of English proficiency.

  • Motivation to participate in the multidisciplinary and intercultural summer school.

  • Interest in Brazilian-German partnership and culture.

There is no registration fee for the participants. However, students are required to cover their personal expenses.

How to Apply

Places in the summer school are limited.

To register for the workshop, just access the link and fill out the form.

Organisation committee

(in alphabetical order by first name)

  • Prof. Cesar Tadeo Pozzer (UFSM)

  • Daniela do Canto (IO UFSM)

  • Prof. Juergen Paul Znotka (WHS)

  • Prof. Marcos Cordeiro d'Ornellas (UFSM)

  • Prof. Raul Ceretta Nunez (UFSM)

  • Prof. Uwe Strotmann (WHS)

  • Prof. Valderi Luis Dressler (UFSM)

  • Prof. Waldemar Zylka (WHS)

Any questions regarding the TRIPLA++ Summer School?

Feel free to contact Daniela do Canto, organiser of the Summer School at UFSM.