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Aus 2. Hand – zu kleinen Preisen

Möbel, Spielzeug, Haushaltswaren, Schmuck erwarten auf rund 400 Quadratmetern Verkaufsfläche den Kunden von „IN-PETTO“, dem Kaufhaus der Caritas in Bismarck. Hier ist jeder zum Stöbern eingeladen - und vielleicht findet man das ein oder andere Schnäppchen!

Von Dina Mohammadi und Sonja Wazner

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Hi Everyone!Ashley Lf8seth I think they\'re on top of it only out of necessity. I get the flneieg that most people in Japan are doing it because they have to (hence I hear lots of Japanese grumbling about it), and less because they\'re eco-friendly . Then again, I do know lots of Japanese who are eco-friendly too.kelleynymph Hello and welcome to the JKLLR! That\'s a good idea actually. In a dorm that would work, though at my wife\'s house, they need to separate it first and then take the bags to the communal curb.Johnl Yeah, that\'s what seems to happen in my wife\'s neighborhood too. Not fines so much as warnings and reminders, and they won\'t take your trash. Naturally if you\'re in a crowded neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, you don\'t want to be the silly person who has their trash left behind.Marcus Yeah, at work, I\'ve gotten into a habit of bringing a bug mug to work so when I drink water and such, I just use the mug, instead of the paper cups. Before that i was using about 8-10 cups a day between water and coffee.

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Hertha BSC!The fans are the best: This year in the 2. Liga, they\'ve still had 40,000 attendees at home metahcs, and the Olympic Stadium has sold out twice (for the derby vs Union, which they didn\'t even have the decency to win, and the final match of the season vs Augsburg, for which they\'ve added bleachers above the Marathon Gate to increase capacity) and come close twice (the home match vs Paderborn, and the match against 1860 Munich in 2 weeks, though that may yet sell out.)We don\'t have a lot of big names at the moment, and we haven\'t won the league since 1931, but we\'ve got some very exciting up-and-comers, like Pierre-Michel Lasogga (German U-21).Berlin\'s an awesome city, and the Old Lady is an awesome club.

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